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Mitchell Schuring


I think we can all agree that it matters how things look. Whether it be the way we dress, the way we curate our style or the way we design and furnish our living spaces. Art is at the center of identity and culture, it’s how we express our uniqueness. Forgettable places can become destinations full of adventure that foster memories and experiences. Public Art has the power to transform places into instagramable locations that have the potential to become viral sensations. It’s ok to be bold, to dare to be different. If we all strive to blend in and conformed to look the same as those around us. The world would be a very uninteresting and dull place to live. Join me in my battle against beige and grey walls, Let's let it Rip!



Indoor, outdoor, big or small, local or far we do it all!


Pet portraits and other shenanigans!

Graphic Design

Illustration & Logo Design


Have an idea? But, You need some help?

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